America's Public School Districts . . . How are the Children? is a wonderfully serious, humorous, and insightful look at Phil's experiences working in and for over 120 school districts, private schools, and institutions of higher learning.  Journey with Phil as he shares his perspectives, along with research on how the school district itself, impacts (positively or negatively) everything, especially student achievement. 

Phil reviews all the key elements of the school district as a complex system. There are many books about classrooms and schools, but few about the district itself.  Perhaps no other institution in America is, at the same time, so loved and reviled. From Buffalo to Beverly Hills and from Anchorage to Apalachicola join with Phil as he helps you understand the uniquenesses and similarities of American Public School Districts. Oh, and the names will be changed to protect the innocent and the guilty! The table of contents of the book is as follows:

Table of Contents


Introduction: My Life Dancing in the Mind Fields

Chapter One: Beyond the Classroom – The District as a System  

Chapter Two: The Superintendent – Those who Ride the Thunder

Chapter Three: The Trustees – The Board of Education    

Chapter Four: The Student – The Bored of Education       

Chapter Five: The Teacher – The Bard of Education         

Chapter Six: The School – Building Minds while Minding the Building 

Chapter Seven: The Central Office Staff - The Invisible doing the Impossible    

Chapter Eight: Stakeholders – Sustaining the Single Story           

Chapter Nine: The Political Climate – A Failure to Focus

Chapter Ten: Unions - The Balance of Power and the Power of Balance  

Chapter Eleven: Vendors/Contractors/Consultants – Inside Outsiders     

Chapter Twelve: Resource Management – Funds, Facilities, and Food    

Chapter Thirteen: Regulatory Agencies – Adding Layers to the Cake      

Chapter Fourteen: Conclusion - The Music Stops; The End of the Dance




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