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Phil Stover's Latest Book - A Story of a Family, a Clock,

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The Clock That Couldn't Tell Time is a powerful and magical story of a family in need of a miracle. It is the story of a family that might be just like yours and mine. It is a caring family, but one that is experiencing stress from the loss of work and income. The Christmas season is quickly approaching and there is barely enough money to pay bills, yet alone buy presents. Dad especially is suffering from the tension of not being able to do his part in providing for his family's needs. Benjamin, the family's resident ten year old "tweener" is caught between his own doubts and self-esteem issues and his dad's tension. He wants to help, to find a "magic cape" that would turn him into a super hero. No cape appears, but both Benjamin and dad look to an old family clock that might just solve their challenges. The clock isn't working, but along the way Benjamin meets a wonderful old clockmaker who becomes the mentor and friend that he so very much needs.

This is a book about family, love, pain, and the uncertainty of being a middle-schooler or "tweener" as they are so often called. The author draws from his experience as a school principal, district superintendent, middle-school baseball coach, counselor, pastor, and father to describe a family in need, yet one that is also in love, simply needing help to get through a troubled time. This is a book about uncertainty, self-doubt, healing, and restoration. It is also a book about faith and miracles. It is meant for people of all faiths, or those who struggle with faith itself.

         Phil Stover - Author

         Phil Stover - Author

      Paul Gully - Illustrator

      Paul Gully - Illustrator

Beautifully illustrated with original drawings by master artist Paul Gully, the book's vibrant colors and expressions add to the delight and struggle of the story. The illustrations will introduce you to dad in his stress, Benjamin feeling and thinking on his bed, and the wonder of the clockmaker's shop. Phil Stover is a Writer's Digest award-winning author whose narrative style engages the reader with the emotion of the story's characters. Phil is also a long-time watch and clock collector who has written many stories about the lessons that can be learned through time. See his book Reflections on Time for a collection of such stories.

A special feature of the book is the inclusion of discussion questions for a class or family dialogue or reflection. The Clock That Couldn't Tell Time can be read and enjoyed in one sitting by the whole family. It is a short story with a long impact. Who knows, maybe one day you may need to look through your old closet to find your own special miracle too! Phil and Paul hope that you will find joy and healing as you read this inspiring book; we know we did as we wrote and illustrated it.

The Clock That Couldn't Tell Time is available now from Amazon (Kindle or paperback) or your local book store via special order.

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The Clock that Couldn't Tell Time
By Philip Stover