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Mata Ortiz Pottery Buyer's Guide is a compact (60 pages) and handy reference work on all things related to the village and pottery of Mata Ortiz. Phil Stover, a full-time resident of the village has written one of the first guides to buying and collecting Mata Ortiz pottery. This little book will provide the beginning and veteran collector with valuable information about Mata Ortiz and its pottery. He will not tell you who or what to buy, but will guide you through the process, no matter your preference because he understands that preference is personal. Phil will not try and steer you to anyone or any one style of pottery. What he does is explain a little history of the village, the pottery phenomenon, how the pottery is made, and what questions to ask if you want to buy. He adds a few details about getting here to the village and what to expect when you come. The Mata Ortiz Buyer's Guide is available in Kindle and paperback versions. The photos are in color in the eBook and black and white in the paperback. Both versions have identical text. They are both available on Amazon; the paperback can be bought on Amazon or via special order through your local bookstore or gallery where Mata Ortiz pottery is sold.



A Brief History of the Village

The History of Mata Ortiz Pottery

Understanding the Process of Making the Pottery

Finding and Digging the Clay

Preparing the Clay for Use

Forming the Vessel (Pot, Figurine, Plate, etc.)

Sanding and Polishing the Pot

Painting and Decorating


Buying the Pottery

Some Mata Ortiz Pottery Buying Advice

Some Sample Questions

Coming to the Village

Is it Safe?

Crossing the Border

Now that Your are in the Village

What Else to Do Besides Spending Money on Pots!


The Author


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