Reflections on Time: From the Seasons of My Life is a compilation of stories Phil has written over a number of years. This book contains over forty short stories written by Phil related to his hobby of collecting watches and clocks and his life's seasons, aspirations, and hopes. Drawing on his ministry and historical studies background, these stories are meant to both entertain and inspire the reader in a non-sectarian way.

Ranging from one to eight pages, they reflect Phil's enjoyment of a good story, especially one that engages the reader with humor and inspiration. Read one a day or read them all at once. In the pages of this book you will find stories that will entertain and inspire you. If you are interested in the times and seasons of life, you will find stories that will challenge you, make you think, and which you can simply enjoy. Have fun and remember "making time is more important than telling time!"

Reflections on Time is available as either a Kindle or paperback book on Amazon, or as a paperback by special order at your favorite local bookstore. Click on the below link to buy, learn more, or read the book's reviews.