Phil Stover's award winning Book is a Masterful Blend of Narrative and Research

Religion and Revolution in Mexico's North . . . Even unto Death Tengamos Fe

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Religion and revolution reverberated through northern Mexico like the thunder and lightning of its wild and fierce storms. This book reveals the motivation behind the madness and the role religion played in the very struggle for the soul of Mexico.  During the revolution, many lived and died; lost in a thousand fields and unnamed pueblos, meaningless except to the few who knew and love them, and who would never see them again.  Whatever their cause, in the words of Philippians 2:8, they were faithful . . . even unto death.

This book is for those who love Mexico and who want a research-based, yet highly readable account of the role religion played in the various conflicts known as the Mexican revolution. This work is highly recommended for use as a supplementary textbook and for placement in college and university libraries. Often lost among the myths were the millions driven by forces they couldn't comprehend.  They were knights, bishops, castles, and yes, pawns in the revolutionary chess matches that nearly resulted in the checkmate of Mexican civilization.

With 480 pages, over 1400 references, and 400 sources, Phil has told the story in a way in which all can learn. He vividly traces the impact of religion and revolution on each other from the time of the conquest till the outbreak of WWII.  Focusing on northern Mexico, Phil takes the reader on a journey from the remote villages of Chihuahua to the barrios of Tijuana, and from the humble homes of the village to the Castle of Chapultepec.  Along the way the reader meets Mormons, Mennonites, healers, reformers, constitutional clergy, Catholic and Protestant leaders, spiritists, presidents, revolutionaries, and the Cristeros.

It took Phil Stover four years to write this book, but La Llorona has been crying for her children for centuries.  She sobs for all those who have been lost in Mexico's turbulent past and present.  Listen carefully, dear reader.  Perhaps in the pages of this book you too will hear her cries.

  • Phil Stover spoke April 21, 2015 at Arizona State University. He presented a three hour interactive lecture entitled, "The Candle, the Compass, and the Constitution - The Catholic Church in the Mexican Revolution." This presentation was an in-depth study of the impact the Church and the various revolutionary movements had on each other from the 1890's until 1940.  This lecture was co-sponsored by ASU's Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict and the School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies. Present were faculty members, students, community members, and staff from the Center. There was significant discussion and the food was great! Scroll down this page to see the PowerPoint used by Phil in the presentation.
  • Click below to see the PowerPoint Phil used in his lecture at Arizona State University:
  • Breaking News: Rio Vista Press has just received the news that Religion and Revolution in Mexico's North has been adopted as a required text book for an upper level course in Latino Religion and Culture at Arizona State University.  Miguel Angel Astor-Aguilera, PhD., Associate Professor and Faculty Head of Religious Studies and Zebulon Pearce Distinguished Professor in the School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies wrote:

"I agree that much religious aspects have been neglected by historians dealing with the Mexican revolution and hence why I decided to assign your fantastic book, I look forward to using it in class and seems to me that we in religious studies at ASU should consider having you out for a talk!"

  • More Press Coverage: Click here to link to a delightful column in the San Diego Union Tribune about this new book and its author.
  • Breaking News: Rio Vista Press has been informed by Writer's Digest that Religion and Revolution in Mexico's North has just been awarded an Honorable Mention Prize in their 2014 contest for Self-Published E-Books in the Non-Fiction category. This national award further validates Phil's efforts to create a work that is academically sound, yet readable for the wider market of enthusiasts in Mexican history and religious studies.
    • Writer's Digest Review:

      This is a book about the revolution in Mexico, teaching about the many different religious groups and their reactions and actions in this time of revolution. I found this really enthralling because of the way you show the intensity that fueled both the religious and revolutionary impulses, and how human both of them were.

      You kept the complicated background information readable even to a reader who knows little about the subject. I felt that I understood how the different groups evolved and interacted.

      You especially did well to keep reminding the reader of the humans involved, using examples such as the horrifying and melancholy story of Luisa (La Llorona) told by the author’s friend Temo, which is just plain haunting: there you show the elements of the culture, the idealism and romanticism, the machoism, and the centrality of the church in their lives.

      On the other hand, you are also giving a solid historical reckoning of the time, with references to political events and cultural leaders. Each religious group is explained through its past and then by the impact it had within the context of the Mexican revolution. Your account shows how religion can motivate, separate, and bring together people of similar and sometimes different backgrounds. . . . Excellent work here! You've made the history interesting and visually vivid. Source - Judge, 2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

As a bonus, please click on one of the following buttons to see Phil's PowerPoint presentation on Radical Reformation: Mormons and Mennonites in Mexico. The presentation is available in either Spanish or English

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ISBN: 978-09904554-0-0

Library of Congress Control Number: 2014916603

Table of Contents

Introduction - Living History

Chapter One: Truth as a Woven Fabric

  • Understanding the North

Chapter Two: The Devil's Hole

Chapter Three: The Battle for the National Soul

  • The Official Church in Mexico
  • Popular Religion
  • The Constitutional Clergy
  • The Battle for the National Soul

Chapter Four: The Conflict of the Candle, the Compass, and the Constitution

  • The Verbal and Written Sparring in the Press
  • The Cristero War Divides the Church and the Country
  • The Second Cristiada Conflict

Chapter Five: The Reform Opens the Door - The Competition for Souls

  • Protestant Theology and the Revolution - The Plan of Wittenberg!
  • Clerical Colonels: Faith in God and a Good Aim
  • The Torch of Truth and Enlightenment: Pious Colonialism and Paternalism

Chapter Six: Those Who would Kindle an Extravagant Hope

  • No Clear and Transparent Window

Chapter Seven: Creedal Communities and Curanderos

  • Creedal Communities - The Mennonites
  • Creedal Communities - The Mormons
  • Creedal Communities - The Masons
  • The Curanderos - The Healers
  •      Teresa Urrea, La Santa de Cabora
  •      El Niño Fidencio Constantino
  •      Francisco Olazábal: A Pentecostal Healer

Chapter Eight: Conclusion - The Prayer for Peace

Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

  • Acronyms
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index