Religion and Revolution in Mexico's North becomes New Three Volume Set Entitled The Search for the Soul of Mexico!

First Edition of Religion and Revolution

First Edition of Religion and Revolution

Phil's first book Religion and Revolution in Mexico's North was published back in 2014. It won a Writer's Digest Prize in Non-fiction that year and received nothing but five star reviews on Amazon. It contained 480 pages, over 1400 references from 400 sources. He vividly traced the impact of religion and revolution on each other from the time of the conquest till the outbreak of WWII.  Focusing on northern Mexico, Phil took the reader on a journey from the remote villages of Chihuahua to the barrios of Tijuana, and from the humble homes of the village to the Castle of Chapultepec.  Along the way the reader meets Mormons, Mennonites, healers, reformers, constitutional clergy, Catholic and Protestant leaders, spiritists, presidents, revolutionaries, and the Cristeros. The first edition is still available on Amazon from third-party used book vendors.

Writer's Digest's review was as follows: "I found this really enthralling because of the way you show the intensity that fueled both the religious and revolutionary impulses, and how human both of them were. You kept the complicated background information readable even to a reader who knows little about the subject . . . Your account shows how religion can motivate, separate, and bring together people of similar and sometimes different backgrounds. Excellent work here! You’ve made the history interesting and visually vivid."

Religion and Revolution in Mexico's North becomes New Three Volume Set on the Religious History of Mexico!

Phil Stover is excited to announce a new edition of his prize-winning book. Phil has made edits, changed the formatting, and most importantly is increasing the the single book to a three volume set on Mexican religious history. The new set will contain 1000 pages of religious history. The first two volumes are already available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions. The third volume will be available in the summer of 2019.

The Search for the Soul of Mexico: religion and revolution Vol. 1

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Phil Stover has created a new edition of his award-winning book Religion and Revolution in Mexico’s North. The Search for the Soul of Mexico: Religion and Revolution Vol. 1 is the first in a three-volume set of books about the history of religion in Mexico. With a more readable font and new edits, this book is appropriate for a great backyard read or for a college-level supplementary textbook. It will engage the reader with a narrative style that is backed by 860 citations over 430 pages. It is a history of the intersection of religion and revolution in the history of Mexico. Special focus is placed on the north of Mexico and the Mexican revolution time. Read about curanderos, cientificos, Cristeros, revolutionaries, healers, and those who gave their lives as martyrs for their faith. Read about how the Catholic Church was the dominant force in Mexico for centuries and how it combined with the Spanish military in the conquest of Mexico. Learn about the role played by Masons as they wielded influence in Mexico. Often lost among the myths were the millions driven by internal forces they couldn’t comprehend. They were knights, bishops, castles, and yes, pawns in the revolutionary chess matches that nearly resulted in the checkmate of Mexican civilization. Volume 1 is available now.

The Search for the Soul of Mexico: The Anglo Quest for Naboth's Vineyard Vol. 2

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The second volume in the set will be entitled The Search for the Soul of Mexico: The Anglo Quest for Naboth's Vineyard Vol. 2. It focuses on external forces acting on the country's religious framework. The United States, the "colossus of the North" dominated this picture. In the late 19th and early 20th century US politician's and diplomat's political views and actions were often based on their religious perspectives, especially as the United States developed a sense of manifest destiny and a sense of Christian (Protestant) identity. Sometimes the US intervened with arms; sometimes with dollars; still other times with missionaries. Anglo-Saxon colonists to Mexico brought with them their religious perspectives and ideas. Missionaries brought their ideas about faith, education, and free will. They found allies among Mexican liberals who supported them as a counterweight to the powerful influence of the Catholic Church. This book is for the student who is interested in learning more about the "soft" interventions of the United States in Mexico. We know much about the military and economic invasions - now we have an opportunity to learn about the influence played in Mexico's religious life by  the United States. Mexico had it all - resources to be exploited, souls needing to be saved, and internal disharmony. This made it a perfect vineyard for the Anglo forces to covet.  Volume 2 is available in Kindle and paperback now.

The Search for the Soul of Mexico: The Gods ONce Lived, Vol. 3

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The third volume in the set will be entitled The Search for the Soul of Mexico: Once the Gods Were Alive Vol. 3. This volume will be an exploration of the indigenous religions of Mexico from pre-conquest to recent times. The concept of syncretism will be a key component of this analysis. The book will review exactly how indigenous faiths have been mixed with those of the Anglo to promote and facilitate conversion. Catholic (The Virgin of Guadalupe, Pentecostal (healing and miracle working), Latter-day Saint (the heavenly mother and Lamanite theology) , and other group's attempts to win over indigenous peoples to their way of believing will all be reviewed. Volume 3 will be available by spring 2020.

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