Tribal Markings: A New Paradigm for Understanding Group and Individual Identity is the perfect book to help us understand the tension and polarity in today's western culture. This book demonstrates how and why we unite and divide. As a result, our culture, that which is already changing, is increasingly divided. We understand little and tolerate less about how our fellow citizens, co-workers, and family members see and organize their world. To help us better understand, Phil utilizes the imagery of tribal markings and six tribes; each one a gathering of those with a similar perspective formed out of their own life experiences. Our failure to understand ourselves is nowhere better illustrated than in our failure to understand our own 21st century tribal affiliations

We must move to an understanding that individual identity is complex. Viewing identity solely in terms of age, gender, race, or ethnicity is too easy. No single criterion is adequate to explain identity. Each experience in life is a tributary flowing together to form the river called identity. 

In this effort to understand identity Phil draws on his broad background as director of counseling and associate professor of psychology, pastor, teacher, and senior administrator in large urban public school districts. He is an award-winning author and has enjoyed a broad range of cross-cultural experiences which has helped him understand societal, ethnic, cultural, and individual differences. Currently Phil is retired and lives with his family in Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, a village where family forms the foundation for identity.

Come journey with Phil to better understand 21st century tribal markings and identity migration and warfare. Phil's sincere hope is in so doing you will honor and make peace with yourself and those of different tribes. I believe that one cannot grow until one understands.  That is why he wrote this book.

Tribal Markings: A New Paradigm for Understanding Individual and Group Identity will be available in winter 2019. Please click on the link to provide us your email address so we can notify you when the book is available to buy.