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Our Village is in the Background. Foundations of a Thousand-Year-Old Watchtower are in the Foreground.
Photo by Nacho Guerrero- Ciudad Chihuahua. Used with Permission.

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My interests focus on helping my readers understand the antecedents (root causes) of what has divided humanity into tribes for millennia.

If we cannot understand the root causes, we cannot effect a cure or solution for the conflicts that develop from them. I believe (with provisional certainty) that our divisions are caused by that which is inherent in our shared humanity. In that sense, we each bear responsibility for our individual and collective (group) roles in the divide.

Only as individuals can we build stronger foundations for our lives. These stronger foundations enable us to other less, rank less, and generally acknowledge our own challenges instead of focusing on others. Systems, institutions, and organizations are nothing more than the expression of their respective human leaders. They cannot be the primary focus if we expect and desire change. Institutional reforms rarely effect change.

If you would like to read more, especially about our consulting services in public schools or public speaking, please journey with me on this website. I encourage you to build a solid foundation for your own life, a grounding that will enable you to focus on your own growth and change. Thanks, Phil

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The Focus of the Rio Vista Group is to Help our Clients and Friends Understand:

Public Education
The challenges of Dancing in the Mind Fields, especially when dealing with stakeholders, single stories, and ideological controversies

Tribal Markings

The Disease of Onlying, Othering, and Ostracizing. It is most often committed by those  who metaphorically sit under the broom tree and at the mouth of the cave Onlying and Othering 

Historical Studies-Mexican & Religion as Conflict

The Dangers  of Deleting, Denying, and Distorting the historical record to fit one's own narrative. The Damage wrought

by walking down the path from Doctrine→Dogma→Duty→Destruction

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